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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 4.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Scrappy Tickled and Milked
Franco Dax, Scrappy 01/19/2018
Franco straps 19-year-old Scrappy to the table in his jeans and takes off his left shoe and sock. He tickles Scrappy's beautiful size 11 foot with his fingers, mouth and feathers, and although Scrappy moans a bit, the tone of his laughter reveals that he's enjoying this tickle. That is, until Franco...

Nathan's Tickle Ecstasy
Franco Dax, Nathan 01/12/2018
Franco gets 20-year-old Nathan out of his clothes right away, straps him down and goes straight for his ticklish size 10 1⁄2 feet. With fingers, brushes and bristly beard on his soles and between his toes, Franco easily breaks through Nathan's attempts to be tough, reducing him in no time to a swearing,...

Gentle Giant TJ Tickled
Franco Dax, TJ 01/05/2018
Straight guy Jacob is into tattoos, piercings and other fetishes, and with his great laugh, Franco just had to have him over to christen his new straps. Jacob gets naked and Franco straps him to the massage table. He works on Jacob's size 10 feet with his fingers, mouth and feathers, but Franco can tell...

Joseph Cock-Teased and Tickle Tortured
Franco Dax, Joseph J 12/29/2017
Joseph is so excited to be tickled that from the very beginning he's got a hard-on in his white briefs. Franco starts on Joseph's bare size 8 feet then moves to his inner thighs and knees. Joseph twists and struggles and his face turns red, but his raging boner is where Franco turns his attention. Franco...

Teddy Tickle Tortured and Milked
Franco Dax, Teddy 12/22/2017
Straight country boy Teddy isn't exactly sure what's he's gotten himself into. He's very ticklish and already jumpy as Franco straps him down in nothing but his underwear and cowboy boots. Even the sounds and vibration of the straps being threaded through the tickling board makes Teddy giggle. When the...

Jason Tickled Tortured and Forced To Cum
Franco Dax, Jason 12/15/2017
Jason absolutely hates being tickled, but Franco manages to persuade this totally straight guy to come in for a tickling session. He straps Jason down in his sweatshirt, boxer shorts and sneakers and starts on his upper body. It's clear pretty fast that Jason's armpits are super-ticklish. He convulses...

Athletic Black Guy Jordan Fights His Tickle Test
Franco Dax, Jordan 12/08/2017
21-year-old Jordan was curious about being tickled by a guy, so he volunteered himself to Franco. He gets up on the table in nothing but white briefs and his socks and sneakers. Franco straps down Jordan's athletic 5'11", 175-pound frame and blindfolds him. He goes to work on Jordan's hairy armpits before...

Trevor's Huge Uncut Cock
Franco Dax, Trevor 12/01/2017
After being a tickle top a few times, tall, strong, 20-year-old Trevor is curious to see what it will be like to be the tickling victim. Since super-ticklish Trevor has a fear of being tied up, Franco nicely agrees to keep the bindings looser, but there's no escape for this poor straight guy. He's ticklish...

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