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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 4.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Joseph's Tickle Ecstasy and Foot Sex
Franco Dax, Gage, Joseph 08/18/2017
18-year-old high school student Joseph is super ticklish and foolishly thinks he can get away if the tickling becomes too intense. Think again! Franco begins tickling his armpits, stomach and bellybutton with his big fingers. Joseph laughs hysterically when he's tickled anywhere, including his size 9 1⁄2...

Victor's Tickle Torture
Franco Dax, Victor 08/11/2017
Beefy straight stud Victor is extremely ticklish and has snuck off from his girlfriend to get tickled by Franco. As soon as the tickling begins, Victor is screaming and howling uncontrollably. Franco tortures his armpits and ribs, and after a brief inspection of his cock, tickles his furry crack and...

Big-Dicked Evan Blindfolded, Tickled and Jacked Off
Evan, Franco Dax 08/04/2017
Straight kid Evan has agreed to his first ever bondage and tickling session. Franco gets Evan out of his suit jacket and pants, leaving him in his underwear and a pair of dress socks he gave Evan last night. He blindfolds Evan and starts tickling his belly button, ribs and armpits, getting an immediate...

Jack Taylor Tickle Pleasured
Franco Dax, Jack Taylor 07/28/2017
After a quick introduction, Franco ties Jack to the bed in nothing but his socks and starts going to town on his ribs. This cute country boy is ticklish everywhere and shakes the whole mattress, vibrating the walls with his giggling. With his face all red, Jack laughs non-stop as Franco moves from...

Straight Guy Channing Tickled
Channing, Franco Dax 07/21/2017
Channing strips down to nothing but his white athletic socks before being tied to the bed. Franco spends a few minutes finding all of Channing's ticklish spots, which are pretty much everywhere. The straight 26-year-old's thick cock slaps between his thighs as he flips back and forth while Franco tickle-pleasures...

Seth Scott Tickle Tortured
Franco Dax, Seth Scott 07/14/2017
Blindfolded and spread-eagle on the bed, Seth can only guess how Franco is going to tickle him this time. Instead of elaborate devices or toys, Franco exclusively uses his thick, strong fingers to tickle Seth's smooth, naked body. Franco tickles Seth in his armpits and inner thighs, causing him to...

Parker Davis Tickle Pleasured
Franco Dax, Parker Davis 07/07/2017
Franco cuffs Parker spread-eagle on his big new bed and starts the tickle fun. He tickles Parker's smooth black abs and inner thighs while Parker winces and laughs deeply. Parker whimpers with a mixture of confusion and pleasure as Franco tickles his size 10 1/2 bare feet, but he laughs insanely when...

Christian Greco Tickle Tortured
Christian Greco, Franco Dax 06/30/2017
Christian calmly waits as Franco secures him to his tickling table, then foolishly reveals to Franco his most ticklish spots. After a fun tickle of his Christian's adorable size 7 1/2 socked feet, Franco unleashes the torture on every area of his tickle victim's armpits. Christian screams and begs...

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