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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

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Franco Dax Updates

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Tyler Tickled
Franco Dax, Tyler 01/30/2023
26-year-old Tyler is new to tickling and bondage and obviously very excited about it. His big black cock gets hard just from putting the leather cuffs on. After locking Tyler's ankles together, Franco ties back his wrists and tickles him in his armpits. Tyler's hard dick bounces up and down as Franco...

Louis Tickled Hard
Franco Dax, Louis 01/23/2023
23-year-old Louis follows Franco's instructions and strips down to nothing but his athletic socks and sneakers. He climbs onto the tickling table where Franco straps him down and gives him one last chance to opt out. Even with no safe word, Louis agrees and Franco starts in on him. Louis immediately...

Lane Tickled and Jacked
Franco Dax, Lane 01/16/2023
It's been a long time since Lane was professionally tickled. He's gained a lot of muscle and ink, and gone through a lot of girlfriends in that time. Today Franco reminds him of what he's been missing, hardcore tickling pleasure from another man. Lane strips naked except for his shoes and socks, and...

Marc Squeals and Cums
Franco Dax, Marc 01/09/2023
Franco has Marc strip off his t-shirt, jeans and boxers and ties him spread eagle on the modified bed. Marc squeals with delight when Franco begins tickling his abs and his upper rib cage. He throws his head back and giggles while he bangs on the headboard. To increase the sensation, Franco blindfolds...

Trevor In Stocks
Franco Dax, Reese, Trevor 01/02/2023
It's been over a year since Trevor was last tickled, and today Franco introduces this super-ticklish straight guy to the foot stocks. He ties Trevor's arms back, locks him in the stocks and starts tickling his size 13 feet through his thin dress socks. Immediately Trevor bursts into loud, hysterical...

Dylan's Tickle Ecstasy
Dylan, Franco Dax 12/26/2022
Hairy hippie Dylan is extremely ticklish, but Franco is able to convince him to hit the tickling table. He straps Dylan's lean swimmer's body down and starts tickling him gently with different feathers on his sides and nipples. Thunder claps in the background as the tickling intensity increases. Dylan...

Reese Tickled and Sucked Off
Franco Dax, Reese 12/19/2022
25-year-old Reese has never been tied up and tickled before, but this Irish-Italian straight guy is willing to give it a try. Right away, Franco has Reese laughing and jumping up, as much as a prisoner can. Franco tickles Reese's torso with his fingers and a rubber soap saver, and there's nothing Reese...

Jason's Feet
Franco Dax, Jason Hayes, Kae 12/12/2022
19-year-old straight guy Jason was so ticklish last time that Franco had to have him back for a special foot tickling session. Franco spreads Jason's arms and legs and ties him down naked to the mattress. He tickles Jason through his black ankle socks and immediately Jason starts flailing. Jason struggles...

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