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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Drew's Tickle Ecstasy
Blake Barnes, Drew, Franco Dax 08/23/2019
Franco doesn't waste any time tickling 19-year-old Drew. He tickles Drew's tight abs, furry pits and sensitive ribs, causing him to let out a long series of high-pitched squeaks and laughter. Using a box cutter, Franco carefully cuts Drew's underwear off him and blindfolds him with it. He continues to...

Milo Wrapped
Franco Dax, Milo 08/16/2019
Franco has something special in mind for Milo today. After he takes a taste of Milo's cute little butt, Franco brings out a big roll of cellophane and wraps Milo in it from ankles to shoulders. He picks Milo up and lays his cocooned body flat, then starts tickling his feet through his ankle socks. Milo...

Asher's Tickle Fun
Asher, Franco Dax 08/09/2019
Asher's a wild guy and likes tying people up, but today it's his turn to submit. He doesn't seem worried, and in fact he looks excited when Franco locks him in and starts tickling. Asher giggles with pleasure as Franco tickles his armpits and stomach, and his face turns red with happy laughter when Franco...

Zach's 4-Handed Tickle
Franco Dax, Warren, Zach 08/02/2019
Since Warren is in town, Franco invites him over to help him tickle his newest victim Zach. They strap Zach down and blindfold him, then begin tickling his torso. Zach tries holding it in, but his fidgety body tells another story. With four hands tickling him at once, the tickling sensation is pretty...

Drake Tickled Hard
Drake, Franco Dax 07/26/2019
23-year-old Drake isn't nervous at first, but as Franco ties him down, he starts to worry that he might be more ticklish than he thought. Franco starts in his armpits, and it becomes clear that that's the case. Drake twists his midsection from side to side as Franco tickles the soft skin of his inner...

Blake Barnes Viciously Tickled
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax 07/19/2019
Blake can't stand being dominated and tickled, but he agreed to come back for another session if Franco would pay him more (and if his girlfriend could be there). Franco said yes, but on the condition that Blake piss himself, so Blake has been drinking lots and lots of water all day and holding it in....

Corey's Tickle Torture
Corey, Franco Dax 07/12/2019
While Franco restrains him, 28-year-old Corey answers questions about some of the crazy things he's done with his girlfriends in the past. Franco puts him at such ease that he doesn't realize just how exposed he's going to be. First thing, Franco tickles Corey's armpit with the tip of a feather, and...

Kae and Carson: Tickle Footjob
Carson, Franco Dax, Kae 07/05/2019
It took a long time, but Franco finally gets ticklish 20-year-old Kae back on his tickling table. He tests Kae's size 10 1⁄2 feet, then goes right to his armpits and stomach. Moving slowly from spot to spot, Franco tickles his feet, knees and inner thighs. Kae moans and tries to escape, but he won't...

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