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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 4.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Jason's Foot Tickle Torture
Franco Dax, Jason H, Kae 12/14/2018
19-year-old straight guy Jason was so ticklish last time that Franco had to have him back for a special foot tickle torture session. Franco spreads Jason's arms and legs and ties him down naked to the mattress. He tickles Jason through his black ankle socks and immediately Jason starts flailing. Jason...

Joe's Erotic Tickling Experience
Franco Dax, Joe D Wood 12/07/2018
Franco straps 38-year-old southern rough trade and straight father of three Joe to the bed frame in just his boxer shorts, long black skull socks and sneakers. Despite him being so gangsta, Joe immediately gets into the sensation of the tickling and suddenly it sounds like he's moaning instead of laughing....

Cocky Straight Guy Adin
Adin, Franco Dax 11/30/2018
Cocky straight guys don't stand a chance against the expert techniques of tickle top Franco. Even strapped down, Adin may think he's going to run this show, but Franco teaches him who's boss.

Ken Tickled
Franco Dax, Ken 11/23/2018
Franco has fit Daddy Ken strip to nothing but his white athletic socks, then straps him to his table and starts tickling. Ken responds with fits of laughter as Franco quickly finds every ticklish spot on his upper body and legs. Ken laughs like crazy and totally loses his breath when Franco tickles his...

Dexter Tickled
Dexter, Franco Dax 11/16/2018
Franco has convinced 24-year-old Dexter to come over for his first ever bondage and tickle session. Dexter strips down to his sheers, shoes and tie and climbs onto the table, where Franco straps him down. Immediately, Franco finds his mark. He tickles Dexter's armpits and sides with his fingers and feathers,...

Scruffy Ryker Blindfolded and Tickled
Franco Dax, Ryker 11/09/2018
Scruffy 25-year-old Ryker is ready for anything, or so he thinks! Blindfolded and unsuspecting, his hairy body jumps and twists as Franco goes in for an immediate attack on his size 13 feet. Franco jumps from ticklish spot to ticklish spot, ramping up the tickling and totally disorienting Ryker. He's...

Kae in Stocks
Franco Dax, Jason H, Kae 11/02/2018
Franco locks Kae into foot stocks for a little extra security and so that Kae can't see what's about to happen. He tickles Kae's size 11 feet through his socks first and then bare. Kae twitches and giggles, but there's nothing he can do in this position to escape. He laughs and swears as Franco tickles...

Bert Bound In Tickle Ecstasy
Bert, Franco Dax 10/26/2018
Franco straps down the lower half of Bert's body and slips him into a pair of dark sheer dress socks. As he ties up his hands, Bert mentions wanting to be blindfolded, and it quickly becomes clear that Bert's going to enjoy this. Franco starts in on Bert's sensitive size 10 1⁄2 feet, leading him down...

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