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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Straight Stud Aiden Tripp Turned On By Tickling
Aiden Tripp, Franco Dax 09/26/2022
Straight stud Aiden has agreed to let Franco tickle him hard. He's been tickled before, but nothing can prepare you for Franco's brand of tickling! Franco begins with gentle tickling on Aiden's belly and sides. He pulls Aiden's shirt over his head and slowly works up to his sensitive nipples and armpits....

Super-Ticklish Furry Amir
Amir, Franco Dax 09/19/2022
A friend of Franco's told him that Amir was in town for a few days, and he just had to have this super-ticklish, furry stud back. Amir slips out of his shirt and blue jeans, revealing a jockstrap and over-the-calf striped athletic socks. After tying him up, Franco slides a vibrating electric toothbrush...

Trevor Is A Slave To Tickling Ecstasy
Franco Dax, Trevor S 09/12/2022
Sweet, young Trevor has never been tied up and tickled before, but it's obvious right off the bat that he loves the whole experience. He twists and pulls away, but the tickling is total pleasure for him. Franco toys with Trevor's nipples and sides as he flinches and squirms, with both of them learning...

Robert's Ticklish Armpits and Feet
Franco Dax, Robert 09/05/2022
Robert is straight, Dominican and extremely ticklish. As soon as Franco lays a finger on him, Robert flops around like a freshly caught fish. Franco teases Robert with feathers and a feathery brush before getting behind him and driving him wild with fingers in his armpits. When Franco cuts Robert's underwear...

Steffan Tickled
Franco Dax, Steffan 08/29/2022
19-year-old Steffan is brand new to bondage and tickling, and at first he seems pretty comfortable with the idea. Such a trusting youth! Franco removes his glasses and starts right up top, tickling Steffan's armpits, ribs and stomach. Steffan giggles and flexes his feet as Franco tickles his smooth young...

Junior Double-Teamed
Franco Dax, Junior, Lee 08/22/2022
Franco brings Lee over for some tickle top practice, and for the two of them to double-team Junior! They spend tons of time on this straight guy's feet, first through his athletic socks then barefoot, with both fingers and feathers. Franco shows Lee everywhere to run and stick the quills, and Junior...

Diesel's First Time
Diesel, Franco Dax 08/15/2022
20-year-old straight guy Diesel has never done anything like this before, and clearly it's got him excited. Franco tickles Diesel's armpits, sides and bellybutton as his stiffening cock bounces around. Diesel stares Franco in the eyes while he's being tickled, laughing hysterically every time Franco...

Antony's Tickle Pleasure
Antony, Bradley, Franco Dax 08/08/2022
At 5' 3" and 110 lbs, 20-year-old Antony is just a little guy whose friends sent him to Franco for his first bondage tickling experience. Lucky him! Antony giggles and squirms as Franco tickles his armpits and sides, but he has no chance of getting out of these restraints. Franco pulls down Antony's...

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