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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

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Redhead Mickey O'Brien Tickled
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax, Mickey O’Brien 06/17/2024
Franco and Blake secure Mickey's ankles and wrists to the tickling table and test-tickle him while he screams. Slowly, Franco begins tickling Mickey in his armpits and bellybutton with his finger and beard. Mickey's moans become shrieks as Franco turns up the intensity, tickling every muscle fiber in...

Country Boy Allen Tickled
Allen, Franco Dax 06/10/2024
Allen is a friendly country boy who likes to experiment and has been tied up a lot, but this is the first time he's ever been tied up, locked in foot stocks and tickled by a pro. Allen screams and snorts from the very beginning, shaking all over and sweating as he squeals. Allen tries biting Franco,...

Calvin's Tickle Ecstasy
Calvin, Franco Dax, Jeff 06/03/2024
Calvin giggles a little as he's getting tied down, and he admits to being nervous. Franco puts him in a pair of sheer white dress socks, and that's exactly where the tickling begins. Franco shows Jeff exactly where to tickle Calvin's feet, on the arches, under the toes, on his heels. They tickle Calvin...

Victor's Hardcore Double Tickling
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax, Victor 05/27/2024
Franco doesn't pull any punches with this hardcore tickling session, bringing in Blake to double the fun! Victor begs and begs for it to stop, screaming in English and Spanish, as they tickle his muscular legs, smooth feet and furry upper body. Victor howls loudly throughout the tickling mayhem, struggling...

Blake's Double Hardcore Tickling
Alex, Blake Barnes, Franco Dax 05/20/2024
Franco enlists Blake's roommate Alex to help him with Blake's hardcore tickling. They duct tape him to the table, and with the very first tickle touch, Blake thrashes and screams. They tickle the backs of his legs with feathers, then blindfold him and tickle his butt. His reaction is so extreme that...

Joni Tickled Hard
Franco Dax, Joni 05/13/2024
Franco ties Joni's hands and feet to the corners of the bed and starts tickling his torso and armpits lightly with a variety of feathers. Joni's face turns red as Franco keeps changing feathers and the sensation builds. Joni tries to catch his breath, but he just can't stop laughing. When Franco switches...

Super Ticklish Jason Jones
Franco Dax, Jason Jones 05/06/2024
21-year-old Jason is very excited to be tied up and tickled, smiling, watching everything happen and even popping a boner. He jacks his dick (and Franco's!) while he's being bound, but then the tickling begins. Jason laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his inner thighs, and when he reveals that his...

Dean's Foot Tickle
Dean Daniels, Franco Dax 04/29/2024
Franco wraps Dean's torso up in rope and lashes him to an old mattress for a nice long foot tickling. He removes Dean's left shoe and begins the tickle with a small, hard hairbrush. Dean struggles, but he's tied so tightly that he can barely lift his head to see what Franco is doing. From hard to soft,...

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