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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

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Cody's Tickling Lesson
Cody, Franco Dax 02/19/2024
Cody had no idea what he was signing up for when he agreed to do a favor for Franco. Like a lot of guys, he hates being tickled and is so sensitive that just the suggestion puts him on edge. Franco starts him out stripped to his underwear and tied to the table. Once the tickling begins and Cody realizes...

Marc and Nate Tickle Wrestle
Franco Dax, Marc, Nate 02/12/2024
Franco gives straight buddies Marc and Nate porn to watch while they undress each other. With their pants around their ankles, Franco tells the guys to start tickling. Marc is the first to receive, but when Franco joins them, the tables turn on Nate. They tickle him so roughly that they break the window!...

Johnny Tickled Hard
Franco Dax, Johnny Mathews 02/05/2024
Johnny Mathews is a 27-year-old bisexual guy who likes to be dominated, and he's come to the right place! After Franco gets to know a little about Johnny's personal life, he straps him firmly to the tickling table and starts on his muscular upper body. Johnny cackles and struggles to breathe as Franco...

Joseph Tickled Hard
Bronson Stone, Franco Dax, Joseph North 01/29/2024
Franco and Bronson shrink wrap super-ticklish Joseph to a massage table and cuff his hands and feet. Since Franco already knows Joseph's most ticklish spots, he shows a few to Bronson to get him started then lets him explore. Bronson's good, but Franco shows him how it's done, causing Joseph to go red...

Alex's Blindfolded Tickle
Alex, Franco Dax 01/22/2024
Alex arrives dressed in one of his favorite black suits, not sure why Franco asked him to come dressed that way. It quickly becomes clear that this isn't a formal affair, so Alex goes with the flow and strips off his suit. Once he's down to his shoes and socks, Alex starts strapping himself to the tickling...

Angel Bound and Tickled
Angel, Franco Dax 01/15/2024
Next in line for the tickling table is Angel. Knowing that Angel is super-ticklish and scared of the experience, Franco doesn't hesitate. He begins with Angel's feet in foot stocks, using fingers and feathers, before moving up to his sides. With the restraints tightened, Angel can scream, twist and try...

Blake's Foot Tickle Experiment
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax 01/08/2024
Blake is a dominant, physical guy who can't stand being tickled, but here he is again, submitting to Franco's tickling whims. The experiment: How still can Blake keep himself while Franco tickles his feet. To begin, Franco casually asks Blake about the current rankness of his famously stinky paws. While...

Dean's Tickle Ecstasy
Dean Daniels, Franco Dax 01/01/2024
This is Dean's first time being tied up and tickled, and you can see in his eyes that he's excited and a little apprehensive about it. Franco tickles his hot little gymnast body on his torso and inner thighs, first with his fingers, then with long wispy feathers. Dean grins widely and laughs deeply from...

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