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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 4.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Jason's Extreme Tickle Torture
Franco Dax, Jason H 07/20/2018
19-year-old, 6' 1" straight guy Jason just graduated from high school but already has an adventurous spirit. Franco has him strip to his boxers and boots, and Jason talks about his girlfriend while Franco straps him to the inclined tickling plank. Jason twitches and giggles as Franco starts in with a...

Liam's Tickle Torture
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax, Liam 07/13/2018
19-year-old Liam hates being tickled, but Franco convinced him to come in for a session before he ships off to the military. Liam claims his feet aren't ticklish, so Franco tickles him in his armpits and sides first. He laughs loudly when Franco tickles his inner thighs, and then it's down to those size...

Ryan's Tickle Breakdown
Franco Dax, Ryan Peters 07/06/2018
20-year-old control freak Ryan has been tickled before by his girlfriend and horsing around with friends, but he's never been tied down and tickled by an expert. Franco explores Ryan's fuzzy stomach with different feathers before zapping his abs with his fingers. The tickling sensation and sense of confinement...

Linwood Learns He's Ticklish
Franco Dax, Linwood 06/29/2018
19-year-old Linwood has never been tied up and blindfolded before, but since he thinks he isn't ticklish, he's not too worried about it. Once he's in position though, Franco quickly shows him that he has a lot more to worry about than he thought. Franco starts by tickling him with big fluffy balls and...

Emanuel Tickled and Milked
Emanuel, Franco Dax 06/22/2018
Compact cruise ship dancer Emanuel is back in port, and Franco catches him for an afternoon of giggling fun. Emanuel squirms, shakes and laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his smooth sides and armpits. Franco cuts off Emanuel's underwear and tickles Emanuel's taint and balls with a feathery brush...

Michael B's Tickling Ecstasy
Franco Dax, Michael B, Warren 06/15/2018
19-year-old soccer player Michael hops up on the table and takes off his boxer briefs. Franco slips him into a tight pair of patterened sheer dress socks and straps him down. Clearly there's some sexual chemistry between this Daddy and his latest boy! They exchange looks and kiss, and the tickling begins....

Johnny Ambushed
Abel, Cody, Franco Dax, Johnny, Trevor 06/08/2018
Franco binds 21-year-old Johnny to the table with restrictive ropes, then Trevor arrives and helps wrap Johnny's midsection with plastic wrap. Franco and Trevor explore this straight guy's furry little body and size 9 feet, exposing all of his ticklish spots using lubed fingers, ice cubes, pens and more....

Bradley's Tickle Pleasure
Bradley, Franco Dax 06/01/2018
Last week Franco saw Bradley dancing naked behind a projection screen at a bar, and today he's going to tickle the hell out of him! He tells Bradley to strip and get on the table, straps him down and jumps right in. He tickles Bradley's armpits, stomach and the tip of his uncut cock. Bradley is so ticklish...

Page 1 of 13
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