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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Dominic's Pleasure Tickle
Buck Williams, Dominic, Franco Dax 01/15/2021
19-year-old Dominic relaxes on the tickling table in just his jockstrap and ankle socks while he eagerly waits for Franco to tie him up. After Franco blindfolds Dominic, he tickles him with a feather and his fast-moving fingers on his sides and in his armpits. Dominic is obviously very ticklish, which...

Hyland Tickled Hard
Franco Dax, Hyland 01/08/2021
Hyland loves trying new things, and he's very excited to be tied up and tickled. He even pops a big boner while Franco gets set up. Everything changes radically, though, as soon as Franco starts tickling him. This one's a howler! Hyland laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his long, slender thighs...

Graham Tickle Tortured
Franco Dax, Graham 01/01/2021
Graham undresses to his athletic socks and hops up on the table. Once his wrists and ankles are cuffed, the anticipation kicks in, but that's nothing compared to what's coming. First, Franco tickles Graham in his armpits and on his upper ribs, causing all of his muscles to tense up. He then moves down...

Buck Williams Tickled
Buck Williams, Franco Dax 12/18/2020
Buck hasn't been tickled since he was little, but he's quickly reminded how ticklish he is when Franco starts in on him. Franco tickles Buck on his size 12 feet first, then in his armpits and on his ribs. Every time Buck thinks he's got it under control, Franco moves just enough to unlock a new tickling...

Marky's Tickle Torture
Franco Dax, Marky Sparks 12/11/2020
Knowing what's to come, Marky exhales anxiously as Franco restrains him and tickles him with a long feather. Marky has packed on a lot of muscle in the three years since he was tickled last, and every one of those muscles now activates as he thrashes under the tickle torture. Marky screams and begs...

Tyler Tickled Hard
Franco Dax, Tyler 12/04/2020
Hunky stud Tyler is so ticklish that he starts giggling uncontrollably as Franco gets him situated face down on his table. Franco tickles Tyler's furry butt and inner thighs, causing him to squeal and contort his huge, muscular body. Tyler laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his big feet with his...

Straight Hunk Roadie Tickled
Franco Dax, Roadie 11/27/2020
Muscular blonde surfer Roadie hasn't been tickled since he was little, so he's in for a real treat! Franco cuffs Roadie to the four corners of the tickling table and opens the session on his torso. Roadie tries to suppress the torture by flexing all his muscles, but that doesn't stop Franco. Franco...

Clayton Tickle Pleasured
Clayton, Franco Dax 11/20/2020
Clayton giggles sweetly as Franco begins tickling his lean, smooth body. He uses his manly fingers and beard to tickle the 22-year-old up and down, blowing raspberries on his stomach and thighs before lubing up his hands for a slippery rib tickle. Clayton contorts his body and laughs rapidly with the...

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