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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 4.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Hung Black Businessman Tickled Crazy
Franco Dax, Lex R 10/20/2017
Hung black stud Lex takes a break from work to sneak in a tickling session, and before Franco even touches him, he goes off. This guy is super-ticklish! Franco starts on Lex's belly button with brushes, a wet finger and his tongue. Then he moves to Lex's armpits and nipples after using his leg to pin...

Tickle Victim Marky Laughs and Screams
Franco Dax, Marky Sparks 10/13/2017
Short, stocky Marky has nowhere to run after Franco straps him to the tickling board. He twists and bounces and arches his size 8 feet as Franco assaults his entire body with a set of tickling brushes. He's ticklish everywhere, but especially under his arms and between his legs. It's not long before...

Straight Boxer Lance Powers Tickled and Milked
Franco Dax, Lance Powers 10/06/2017
Somehow Franco convinced 26-year-old boxer Lance to be bound and tickled. He tells Lance to strip to his boxers and shoes, then straps him to the new, man-shaped board. More of a squirmer than a laugher, Lance tenses all his muscles as Franco tickles his ribs and pits. Lance tries to see what's happening...

JC Tickled and Sucked Dry
Franco Dax, JC 09/29/2017
20-year-old JC doesn't like being tickled and is nervous about Franco doing it. When the tickling begins, JC tries to breathe deep and hold in his reactions, but he's definitely having a hard time doing it. Franco tickles his armpits, sides and stomach, causing JC to force out a kind of soft, crying-like...

Ty Tucker Tickle Tortured
Franco Dax, Ty Tucker 09/22/2017
Franco has worked with Ty Tucker on gay-for-pay site Straight Fraternity before, but today he takes total control of Ty through tickle torture. Franco secures Ty in a seated position with his arms above his head and blindfolds him with a pair of silk sheers. It's clear from the beginning that Ty is more...

Dustin's Tickle Pleasure
Dustin, Franco Dax 09/15/2017
18-year-old straight boy Dustin works construction and makes money on the side as a go-go dancer at a gay club, so he's pretty secure with his sexuality. He even pops wood as soon as Franco starts strapping him down. This is going to be fun! Dustin's face and chest turn red as Franco tickles his smooth...

Warren - 19, Tickled and Milked
Franco Dax, Warren 09/08/2017
19-year-old Warren takes off everything except his shoes and socks, and Franco quickly straps him to the table for his first-ever bondage and tickling session. He tickles Warren's tender, fuzzy armpits and smells his delicious sweat. Warren jumps and twitches as Franco tickles him all over his body,...

Black Navy SEAL Leo Tickle Tortured
Franco Dax, Leo 09/01/2017
Straight male stripper Leo is a former Navy SEAL...and super-ticklish! Right from the beginning Franco has him in hysterics and begging to catch his breath. He digs into Leo's ribs, muscular abs and armpits. No matter whether his arms are tied up or strapped down, Leo can't escape Franco's probing, tickling...

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