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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

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Solomon's Tickle Torture
Franco Dax, Solomon 04/09/2021
Solomon is nervous but excited to be tied up and tickled on camera. His big boner flops around as the tickling begins, and Franco messes with his senses even more by sucking Solomon's cock while tickling his armpits. Solomon's hysterical laughter turns into breathless pleading as Franco tickle tortures...

Chandler Scott Tickled
Chandler Scott, Franco Dax 04/02/2021
Adult performer Chandler Scott loves to experiment, but this is his first time being professionally tickled. Franco gently explores Chandler's fit, furry body with his probing fingers to discover where he's most ticklish. His upper ribs and armpits show the most promise, so Franco makes sure to get...

Straight Trucker Tickled and Jerked
Franco Dax, Gary 03/26/2021
27-year-old heterosexual truck driver Gary likes trying new erotic experiences, but he's never been tied up and tickled by another guy before. Franco cuffs the beefy stud to his table and tickle tortures him on his size 9 1/2 feet, muscular inner thighs and sensitive armpits. Gary's smooth midsection...

Roger's Tickle and Footjob
Franco Dax, Roger 03/19/2021
Franco strings up beefy Southern guy Roger to tickle him, but quickly realizes he can stimulate him better if he's lying down and vulnerable. He tickles Roger's armpits, thighs and belly before moving to his even more sensitive size 11 feet. Like a lot of straight guys, Roger tries to hold back, but...

Tyler's Foot Tickle
Franco Dax, Tyler 03/12/2021
Tyler is so fun to tickle that Franco quickly has him return to tickle his feet some more. He cuffs Tyler's hands behind his back, has him lean back on the couch and duct tapes his legs to the recliner. Franco tickles Tyler's huge, sensitive feet with feathers at first, then ramps up the intensity...

Ryan Tripp Tickled and Stroked
Franco Dax, Ryan Tripp 03/05/2021
20-year-old straight surfer Ryan Tripp is curious about being tickled by a big guy like Franco. He giggles softly as Franco begins tickling his rough, size 9 1/2 beach feet. The struggle intensifies as Franco tickles his sides and ripped abs. Ryan is so strong that he breaks the cuff points off the...

Colton Steele Tickled Hard
Colton Steele, Franco Dax 02/26/2021
Furry porn performer Colton Steele has some reservations about being tied down, but he's curious to be tickled by Franco. Franco jumps all around the 5' 3" hairy cub's body and feet while he discovers where Colton is most ticklish. It turns out he's sensitive all over! Franco tickles Colton's armpits...

Billy Ray Tickled
Billy Ray, Franco Dax 02/19/2021
Thick country boy Billy Ray is a little shy at first, but with a hug and big mouthful of cock Franco helps him get over that real quick. Then reality sets in as Franco cuffs Billy's wrists to the wall and slips behind him to tickle his armpits and sides. Billy curses and laughs deeply as he's tickled...

Page 1 of 11
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