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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

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Marky Tickled Hard In Leather
Franco Dax, Junior, Marky Sparks, Scotty 01/28/2022
Incredibly ticklish Marky Sparks is in for it today. Franco enlists two masked leather boys to help him tickle the scruffy muscle boy. Marky howls with laughter as they tickle him with their fingers, brushes, feathers and beards. Blindfolded and restrained, Marky is helpless against his captors. ...

Eddy Tickled and Deep-Throated
Eddy, Franco Dax 01/24/2022
Tall, slim Eddy is 20 years old and ticklish everywhere, especially his sides he says, so of course that's where Franco starts. He easily triggers Eddy's machine gun laughter and pleas to stop. Franco teases Eddy's neck then lubes up his sides for another attack, first deep, then gently. Eddy's sensual...

Buddy Wrapped and Tickled Hard
Buddy, Franco Dax 01/21/2022
Starting the session in a new way, Franco suspends Buddy Meyers from the ceiling. He tickles his smooth, exposed body, which causes Buddy to straighten himself out, completely upside-down. After a few minutes of this unique tickling, Franco releases Buddy to the tickling table where he blows raspberries...

Scrappy Tickled and Milked
Franco Dax, Scrappy 01/17/2022
Franco straps 19-year-old Scrappy to the table in his jeans and takes off his left shoe and sock. He tickles Scrappy's beautiful size 11 foot with his fingers, mouth and feathers, and although Scrappy moans a bit, the tone of his laughter reveals that he's enjoying this tickle. That is, until Franco...

Donny Blough Tickled
Donny Blough, Franco Dax 01/14/2022
Although Donny isn't as ticklish on his huge, size 14 feet, he's super-ticklish everywhere else.  Franco tickles him in his armpits and on his upper ribs, on his inner thighs and belly, before cutting off his underwear and blindfolding him.  He climbs on top of Donny to tickle his smooth white torso...

Nathan's Tickle Ecstasy
Franco Dax, Nathan 01/10/2022
Franco gets 20-year-old Nathan out of his clothes right away, straps him down and goes straight for his ticklish size 10 1⁄2 feet. With fingers, brushes and bristly beard on his soles and between his toes, Franco easily breaks through Nathan's attempts to be tough, reducing him in no time to a swearing,...

Jordan Double-Tickled
Franco Dax, Jordan P, Marco 01/07/2022
Marco’s roommate Jordan is excited to get tickled after hearing about Marco’s session with Franco. He strips off his clothes and lies on the tickling table, submitting himself to the tattooed strongman. Unable to make a sound, Jordan grins from ear-to-ear and bounces violently as Franco tickles...

Gentle Giant TJ Tickled
Franco Dax, TJ 01/03/2022
Straight guy Jacob is into tattoos, piercings and other fetishes, and with his great laugh, Franco just had to have him over to christen his new straps. Jacob gets naked and Franco straps him to the massage table. He works on Jacob's size 10 feet with his fingers, mouth and feathers, but Franco can tell...

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