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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Texas Tickled and Milked
Franco Dax, Texas 12/20/2019
After Franco shows Texas a couple of the videos, Tex thinks he can handle it, but when his phone goes off during the interview, Franco warns him that he's going to be punished. The 26-year-old Southern boy gets a little concerned when Franco administers a feather test, and when the real tickling begins,...

Zane's Tickle and Cum
Franco Dax, Zane 12/13/2019
26-year-old Zane is willing try anything once, and this is his first time being tied down and tickled. His Southern boy's charm comes through in his sweet, gentle laughter as Franco tickles him all over his naked body. Along the way, Franco pauses to taste and toy with Zane's dick, which is already hard...

Jason Parks Tickle Tortured
Franco Dax, Jason Parks 12/06/2019
Masculine stud Jason may be soft-spoken, but it's clear from the first touch that he's insanely ticklish! Franco tickles up and down his thick, muscular body with a wispy feather, then does his armpits and sides with an artist's brush. Jason squeals like a girl, rolling side-to-side and flailing as much...

Straight 20-Year-Old Donny Tickled
Donny, Franco Dax 11/29/2019
20-year-old straight surfer Donny isn't sure he can handle being tickled by Franco, but once his wrists and ankles are clipped down, he has no choice. Franco tickles him under his shirt and through his jeans, then pulls down his pants and tickles his smooth, muscular thighs. Donny's body thrashes as...

Marc Tickled
Franco Dax, Marc 11/22/2019
Marc is so sweet as Franco ties him up and eases him into his tickle session. He tries not to whack Franco, but he's so ticklish that he kicks like a jackrabbit when it begins. Franco tickles Marc on his strong, flat stomach and inner thighs, making him laugh hysterically and gasp for breath. He tickles...

Redhead Kyle Tickled
Franco Dax, Kyle 11/15/2019
Hairy redhead Kyle is reduced to flailing and maniacal screams as he quickly learns the meaning of tickle torture. You've never heard laughter like his before.

Braxton's Tickle Torture
Braxton, Franco Dax 11/08/2019
21-year-old Braxton stops by after work to try something new...being tied up and tickled! He strips down to his tight white briefs and shiny black shoes, and Franco straps him to the tickling board and starts exploring. Clearly, Braxton is a little ticklish, but it's not long before Franco has him producing...

Bruno's Buddies
Bronson Stone, Bruno, Franco Dax 11/01/2019
When Bronson's best friend Bruno comes into town, Franco can't resist putting them in a video together with 20-year-old Bruno as the ticklee. Bronson blindfolds Bruno, and while the bondage gear goes on, Bronson's jeans come off. Bruno giggles nervously as the guys lay him down and hoist his legs in...

Page 6 of 13
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