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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

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Tickle Pleasuring Slick Rick
Franco Dax, Slick Rick 12/03/2021
Straight bodybuilder Rick makes money on the side doing muscle worship work, but being tickled by another man is entirely new to him. Franco cuffs Rick to the chair and, after a little exploration, finds the muscle stud’s ticklish spots. Deep in the ribs under his huge arms and down on his size 13’s,...

Trevor's Huge Uncut Cock
Franco Dax, Trevor 11/29/2021
After being a tickle top a few times, tall, strong, 20-year-old Trevor is curious to see what it will be like to be the tickling victim. Since super-ticklish Trevor has a fear of being tied up, Franco nicely agrees to keep the bindings looser, but there's no escape for this poor straight guy. He's ticklish...

Branson's Severe Tickling
Branson, Franco Dax, Jason Jones 11/26/2021
As soon as Branson is tied down, Franco starts tickling him. It only takes a minute before Branson has turned almost completely red and is begging for Franco to stop. Franco tickles Branson on his legs, ribs and sensitive size 11 feet. Even through his ankle socks, Branson can barely take it! Franco...

David Tickled
David H, Franco Dax 11/22/2021
Franco ties and tapes happy-go-lucky straight guy David to an elevated tickling incline and immediately starts in on him. The tickling is like electricity shooting through David's body, making him shake and taking his breath away. Franco spends a lot of time tickling David's sensitive nipples and armpits...

Jason Tickled Hard
Franco Dax, Jason Jones 11/19/2021
Jason hasn’t been tickled in a while, and he’s pretty nervous about going through it again. Franco ties him down with ropes and immediately starts tickling his giant feet. Jason struggles, but he’s not going anywhere with bondage this tight. Squealing and gasping for breath, Jason’s face turns...

Damian Bound Tightly, Tickled and Blown
Damian D, Franco Dax 11/15/2021
24-year-old cutie Damian has been working out a lot, and it shows! Franco straps his little body down extremely tightly and starts in right away with feathers on his size 7 1⁄2 feet. Damian's whole body tenses and his muscles continually twitch as he softly giggles under Franco's tickling massage....

Seth Scott's Tickle and Cum
Franco Dax, Seth Scott 11/12/2021
Seth loves to try new things, but he's never been tied up and tickled before. He foolishly tells Franco his most ticklish spots while Franco restrains him on the tickling table. Like most guys, at first Seth attempts to resist by tensing his whole body, but that never lasts long with a tickle top like...

Zander Tickled in Jockstrap and Sports Socks
Franco Dax, Zander 11/08/2021
Franco pulls down Zander's athletic shorts and rigs him up in his blue jockstrap and soccer socks. Franco brings out the feathers first, tickling Zander's furry armpits and sides. Zander twitches and thrusts as Franco tickles him with a fine, feathery brush. Zander's in tickle bliss, and his hairy thighs...

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