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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

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Franco Dax Updates

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Parker Davis Tickle Pleasured
Franco Dax, Parker Davis 03/25/2022
Franco cuffs Parker spread-eagle on his big new bed and starts the tickle fun. He tickles Parker's smooth black abs and inner thighs while Parker winces and laughs deeply. Parker whimpers with a mixture of confusion and pleasure as Franco tickles his size 10 1/2 bare feet, but he laughs insanely when...

Tommy's Tickle Pleasure and Cum Facial
Franco Dax, Tommy 03/21/2022
Franco makes 24-year-old Tommy take off all his clothes except his shoes and socks. He ties him to the bed posts and straps him onto a flat board, then slowly begins tickling him with feathers, brush and fingers. It's not long before Franco has Tommy squeaking and coughing to catch his breath. He tickles...

Christian Greco Tickled Hard
Christian Greco, Franco Dax 03/18/2022
Christian calmly waits as Franco secures him to his tickling table, then foolishly reveals to Franco his most ticklish spots. After a fun tickle of his Christian's adorable size 7 1/2 socked feet, Franco unleashes the hardcore tickling on every area of his tickle victim's armpits. Christian screams and...

Marky Tickle Tortured and Milked
Franco Dax, Marky Sparks 03/14/2022
Franco restrains Marky on his tickling board that he's laid flat for easier access and a better view of Marky's feet. He starts by softly stroking Marky's belly just above the waistband of his white briefs. Franco uses a long, slender brush to work his way up Marky's sides, under his shirt and into his...

Kae Wrapped and Tickled
Franco Dax, Kae 03/11/2022
It's been a couple of years, but Franco was able to convince straight boy Kae to come back for another tickling session. This cocky little bastard likes to try to show Franco that he can take anything, but Franco's got some new tricks up his sleeve. He lubes up Kae's rock hard body and tickles him in...

Matt's Foot Snowball
Franco Dax, Matt 03/07/2022
23-year-old Matt doesn't know what to expect, and he has good reason to be anxious. He's super-ticklish in a bunch of spots, but especially his size 11 feet, so of course Franco spends lots of time tickle torturing him there. When the tickling is at its worst, Matt goes quiet, but he lets out tons of...

Roy Rogers Tickle Pleasured
Franco Dax, Roy Rogers 03/04/2022
21-year-old Roy is incredibly ticklish, but after years of pressure, he finally agreed to let Franco tickle him. Squealing with high-pitched laughter, this geeky boy is ticklish absolutely everywhere. Franco tickle-pleasures Roy on his ribs, stomach and pale, pink size 10 feet with his fingers and...

Denim's Older Brother Fantasy
Denim, Franco Dax 02/28/2022
Since Franco's new straps and clamps didn't arrive this week, he decides instead to tie Denim to a low massage table with ropes. After a brief survey of Denim's naked body, Franco knows his plan of attack. Like a mean older brother, he tickles Denim from toe to head, climbing on top of him and digging...

Page 4 of 11
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