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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

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Branson Tickled Hard
Branson, Franco Dax 02/25/2022
It's only been three months, but Branson is already back for more hardcore tickling. After cuffing Branson in a seated spread-eagle position, Franco immediately begins tickling his size 11 bare feet. Branson laughs hysterically as Franco makes his way from his feet up his legs to his inner thighs....

Dalton's Happy Ending
Dalton, Franco Dax 02/21/2022
Tall, slender college kid Dalton is crazy ticklish and has size 10 1⁄2 feet. Franco slips him into a pair of long, tight dress socks, straps him down and binds his wrists with duct tape for his first professional M⁄M tickling. He's calm at first, but once the tickling begins, watch out! Franco finds...

Bodybuilder Slick Rick Tickled
Franco Dax, Slick Rick 02/18/2022
Franco peels off Rick's shoes and socks and starts tickling the bodybuilder's big size 13 feet. He quickly moves up Rick's tree trunk legs to his massive torso. Rick goes red in the face as Franco tickles him on his abs and upper ribs. Although he squirms hard, the giant man closes his eyes and gives...

Incredibly Ticklish Akemi
Akemi, Franco Dax 02/14/2022
25-year-old Akemi is half Japanese, half Puerto Rican, was born in Kyoto and has had a lot of experiences for his age. Ex-military and now a stripper, this friendly straight guy has a fit body that he tells Franco is ticklish all over. Franco senses that Akemi's size 8 1⁄2 feet are the place to be,...

Victor Tickled Hard Again
Franco Dax, Victor 02/11/2022
It's been almost two years since Franco has seen Victor, so when he recently passed through town, Franco had to have him in for a tickling session. Victor whines and squeals as Franco tickles his thick, hairy body with a feather, and his face gets red and furrowed when Franco tickles his wide, size...

Jason Tickle Tortured
Franco Dax, Jason M 02/07/2022
Heavily tattooed straight guy Jason is used to being in control, but once he's strapped to the tickling board, Franco has all the power. Franco tickles Jason's smooth upper body causing him to writhe and clinch. Jason tells him to stop, but Franco just keeps going. He tickles Jason's stomach, making...

Taj Tickled Hard
Franco Dax, Taj 02/04/2022
Chill surfer Taj strips to his briefs and smiles as he lies down on Franco's tickling table. Since Taj is completely new to Franco, he spends the first few minutes tickling the giant man in a bunch of different spots so he can find the best ones. Turns out, Taj is ticklish everywhere! Franco briefly...

Diego Double-Teamed
Diego, Franco Dax, Zander 01/31/2022
Franco invites Zander over for a special 2-on-1 tickling of his latest victim, 21-year-old Diego. They strip off his clothes and strap him to the special tickling table, and for even more fun, Franco blindfolds Diego. Franco and Zander use their fingers and feathers to tease and tickle Diego's smooth,...

Page 5 of 11
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