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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Donny Blough Tickled
Donny Blough, Franco Dax 04/28/2017
Although Donny isn't as ticklish on his huge, size 14 feet, he's super-ticklish everywhere else. Franco tickles him in his armpits and on his upper ribs, on his inner thighs and belly, before cutting off his underwear and blindfolding him. He climbs on top of Donny to tickle his smooth white torso...

Jordan Double-Tickled
Franco Dax, Jordan P, Marco 04/21/2017
Marco’s roommate Jordan is excited to get tickled after hearing about Marco’s session with Franco. He strips off his clothes and lies on the tickling table, submitting himself to the tattooed strongman. Unable to make a sound, Jordan grins from ear-to-ear and bounces violently as Franco tickles...

Dante's Tickle, Piss and Double Cum
Dante, Franco Dax 04/14/2017
Dante considers himself pretty kinky, but he’s never been tied down and tickled like this. He strips to his jockstrap and climbs on the table, where Franco secures him with wrist and ankle cuffs before tickling his inner thighs and socked feet. Dante laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his smooth...

Marco Tickled and Milked
Franco Dax, Marco 04/07/2017
Before Franco ties up Marco, he briefly tickles him freestyle to expose his most ticklish spots. Marco laughs loudly and lifts his butt out of the chair as Franco tickles him in his ribs and armpits. He howls and snorts, trying to catch his breath from within his hysterical laughter. Although Marco’s...

Robbie's Tickle Pleasure
Franco Dax, Robbie 03/31/2017
After going for his morning run, Robbie hops on a train downtown to visit his friend Franco. In no time, Franco cuffs his muscular friend to the chair and starts tickling his feet. Robbie squirms hard, but Franco adds ropes over his shoulders to keep him in place. He pulls down Robbie’s athletic...

Buddy Bound and Tickle Tortured
Buddy, Franco Dax 03/24/2017
In a devilish new approach, Franco duct tapes straight Southern boy Buddy to a chair at his calves and forearms to get him in the position he wants. He tickles Buddy with his fingers and a soap saver before discovering that Buddy goes nuts when he’s tickled by whiskers. Franco tickles Buddy on his...

Tickle Pleasuring Slick Rick
Franco Dax, Slick Rick 03/17/2017
Straight bodybuilder Rick makes money on the side doing muscle worship work, but being tickled by another man is entirely new to him. Franco cuffs Rick to the chair and, after a little exploration, finds the muscle stud’s ticklish spots. Deep in the ribs under his huge arms and down on his size 13’s,...

Branson's Severe Tickle Torture
Branson, Franco Dax, Jason Jones 03/10/2017
As soon as Branson is tied down, Franco starts tickle torturing him. It only takes a minute before Branson has turned almost completely red and is begging for Franco to stop. Franco tickles Branson on his legs, ribs and sensitive size 11 feet. Even through his ankle socks, Branson can barely take...

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