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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

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Franco Dax Updates

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18-Year-Old Straight Boy Joel Tickled
Franco Dax, Joel 11/05/2021
18-year-old straight boy Joel is super nervous about being tied up and tickled, and his worst nightmare is about to come true. Franco finds just the pressure to tickle Joel's smooth body and soft feet with his hands, a feather and the infamous soap saver, "1,000 fingers." Joel contorts his body as...

Jacob's Tickle Torture and Gay Blowjob
Franco Dax, Jacob 11/01/2021
Straight guy Jacob is into tattoos, piercings and other fetishes, and with his great laugh, Franco had to have him over to christen his new straps. Jacob gets naked and Franco straps him to the massage table. He works on Jacob's size 10 feet with his fingers, mouth and feathers, but Franco can tell Jacob...

Roger Michaels Tickle Pleasured
Franco Dax, Roger Michaels 10/29/2021
Tied up face down on the Franco's table, Roger doesn't know what to expect. Franco teases his backside from head to toe with brushes, feathers and a metal scalp massager, but he really wants to focus on Roger's ticklish size 10 1/2 feet. Although he tickles Roger in other hot spots on his tight, athletic...

Evan In The X, Tickle Tortured and Jerked Off
Evan, Franco Dax 10/25/2021
Evan liked his last tickling session so much that he sneaks away from the office on his lunch break for another one. Franco gets Evan's pants off and straps him to the big wooden X, blindfolds him and opens his shirt to start the fun. He tickles Evan's armpits, sides and nipples with a feathery brush...

Carlos Tickled
Carlos, Franco Dax 10/22/2021
As soon as Franco starts tickling Carlos' size 10 feet, the tall, thick Cuban knows he's in for it. Carlos' big limbs struggle in the restraints, and with a huge smile on his face, he laughs deeply and tells Franco "no, no, no!" Franco spends lots of time on Carlos' handsome feet, tickling them with...

Hung Black Businessman Tickled Crazy
Franco Dax, Lex R 10/18/2021
Hung black stud Lex takes a break from work to sneak in a tickling session, and before Franco even touches him, he goes off. This guy is super-ticklish! Franco starts on Lex's belly button with brushes, a wet finger and his tongue. Then he moves to Lex's armpits and nipples after using his leg to pin...

Kevin's Tickle Pleasures
Franco Dax, Kevin Stewart 10/15/2021
23-year-old Kevin is turned on by being tickled, so he's excited for his tickle afternoon with Franco. The twinky top squirms and giggles as Franco explores his smooth, skinny body with his fingers. Kevin likes being tickled so much that he flat out tells Franco what he thinks are his most ticklish...

Tickle Victim Marky Laughs and Screams
Franco Dax, Marky Sparks 10/11/2021
Short, stocky Marky has nowhere to run after Franco straps him to the tickling board. He twists and bounces and arches his size 8 feet as Franco assaults his entire body with a set of tickling brushes. He's ticklish everywhere, but especially under his arms and between his legs. It's not long before...

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