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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 5.0

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Seamus' Tickle Ecstasy
Franco Dax, Seamus 07/31/2020
26-year-old Seamus just recently started exploring new things, like bondage and sucking cock. Today will be another first, being professionally tickled! Immediately, Seamus twists his body underneath the ropes and giggles adorably. Franco digs into Seamus' armpits first, then slowly moves down his...

Scrappy Tickled
Franco Dax, Scrappy 07/24/2020
Franco ties Scrappy to the tickling table in just his briefs and shoes. To test Scrappy, Franco begins tickling him in the ribs and inner thighs. It's easy to see that Scrappy is crazy ticklish! All Scrappy can do is scream out laughter and gasp for breath as Franco tickles his smooth, lean body....

Evan Tickle Tortured and Milked
Evan, Franco Dax 07/17/2020
Evan hasn't been tickled since the last time he was here, so he's forgotten just how intense it can be. Franco puts him face down on the tickling table and restrains his wrists and ankles. He tickles the backs of Evan's legs and beautiful size 9 feet for a few minutes before tickling him on his ribs...

Brett Struggles
Brett, Franco Dax 07/10/2020
Ever since one of Brett's boyfriends used to tickle him, he's been turned on by bondage and tickling. He doesn't realize that telling Franco where he's supposedly ticklish won't stop Franco from finding his truly ticklish spots. Brett curls his toes and points his feet, but he can't make it stop, no...

Caesar Bellacotti Tickle Tortured
Caesar Bellacotti, Franco Dax 07/03/2020
Caesar follows Franco's instructions to remove his clothes and stand next to the tickling table. Franco wraps four duct tape bonds around the former gymnast and cheerleader, then picks him up and dumps him on the table. Caesar is so ticklish that even pouring lube into his armpits makes him laugh....

Nico Stiles Tickle Tortured
Franco Dax, Nico Stiles 06/26/2020
21-year-old straight boy Nico thinks he can handle being tickled by Franco. His girlfriend tickles him, right? He quickly learns that's not the case here. His body tenses and he flails as much as he can, trying to resist the tickle torture. Franco moves all around Nico's body finding his most sensitive...

Redhead Mickey O'Brien Tickled
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax, Mickey O’Brien 06/19/2020
Franco and Blake secure Mickey's ankles and wrists to the tickling table and test-tickle him while he screams. Slowly, Franco begins tickling Mickey in his armpits and bellybutton with his finger and beard. Mickey's moans become shrieks as Franco turns up the intensity, tickling every muscle fiber in...

Country Boy Allen Tickled
Allen, Franco Dax 06/12/2020
Allen's a country boy whose younger brothers used to gang up on him and tickle him. It's why he hates being tickled so much. He screams, squeals and snorts, shaking all over as the tickling begins. Allen tries biting Franco, but with his wrists restrained, he can't reach him with his teeth. Franco changes...

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