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Models / Blake Barnes

Avg Rating: 5.0

Blake Barnes Vital Stats:

Blake Barnes Updates

Redhead Mickey O'Brien Tickled
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax, Mickey O’Brien 06/19/2020
Franco and Blake secure Mickey's ankles and wrists to the tickling table and test-tickle him while he screams. Slowly, Franco begins tickling Mickey in his armpits and bellybutton with his finger and beard. Mickey's moans become shrieks as Franco turns up the intensity, tickling every muscle fiber in...

Victor Double Tickle Tortured
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax, Victor 05/29/2020
Franco doesn't pull any punches with this tickle torture. Victor begs and begs for it to stop, screaming in English and Spanish, as they tickle his muscular legs, his smooth feet and his furry upper body. Victor howls loudly throughout the tickle torture mayhem, struggling to breathe and pleading for...

Blake's Double Tickle Torture
Alex, Blake Barnes, Franco Dax 05/22/2020
Franco enlists Blake's roommate Alex to help him with Blake's tickle torture. They duct tape him to the table, and with the very first tickle touch, Blake thrashes and screams. They tickle the backs of his legs with feathers, then blindfold him and tickle his butt. His reaction is so violent that he...

Blake's Foot Tickle Torture
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax 01/10/2020
Blake is a dominant, physical guy who can't stand being tickled, but here he is again, submitting to Franco's tickling whims. The experiment: How still can Blake keep himself while Franco tickles his feet. To begin, Franco casually asks Blake about the current rankness of his famously stinky paws. While...

Dean Tickle Tortured
Blake Barnes, Dean, Franco Dax, Milo, Sebastian Young 09/06/2019
It's a straight guy throwdown as Sebastian Young, Blake Barnes and Milo plastic wrap Dean to the tickling platform and cut him out of his briefs. With Franco's guidance, hands and feathers go everywhere tickling Dean's armpits, sides and size 12 feet. Dean laughs and swears, not knowing where the tickling...

Drew's Tickle Ecstasy
Blake Barnes, Drew, Franco Dax 08/23/2019
Franco doesn't waste any time tickling 19-year-old Drew. He tickles Drew's tight abs, furry pits and sensitive ribs, causing him to let out a long series of high-pitched squeaks and laughter. Using a box cutter, Franco carefully cuts Drew's underwear off him and blindfolds him with it. He continues to...

Blake Barnes Viciously Tickled
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax 07/19/2019
Blake can't stand being dominated and tickled, but he agreed to come back for another session if Franco would pay him more (and if his girlfriend could be there). Franco said yes, but on the condition that Blake piss himself, so Blake has been drinking lots and lots of water all day and holding it in....